New efficiency record with 40% transparent organic solar cells

  A transparent organic solar cell
A transparent organic solar cell

Heliatek GmbH, a German producer of organic solar film, just announced that it has reached a new record in efficiency of transparent solar cells. The company’s latest development allows transparency levels up to 40% while at the same time maintaining an efficiency of 7.2%.

The measurement followed standard testing conditions using a white background. Currently, Heliatek’s opaque cells achieve 12% efficiency, which means the transparent cells mirror the same efficiency, since the partial transparency allows the usage of only 60% of the light for the energy harvesting.

These new cells were developed as part of Heliatek’s strategy to supply its transparent HeliaFilm to glass manufacturers for both building integration (BIPV) and car roofs. “The transparency of our products is at the core of our market approach. Our HeliaFilm is customised to meet our partners’ specific needs," adds Thibaud Le Séguillon, Heliatek CEO. "We are a component supplier and this component is a film which can combine transparency and energy generation.  This unique combination widens our market potential."

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