New coating and printing system for research and development

  The Thin Film Coater
The Thin Film Coater

The COATEMA Coating Machinery GmbH, a producer of coating equipment based in Dormagen, Germany, has just launched a new system for printed electronics research and development named Thin Film Coater.

According to the company it is a high precision laboratory tool for sheet-to-sheet operation which can coat and print in one step. The unit is designed to combine highly accurate applications of sub-micrometer layers.

The compact coater moves the substrate back and forth beneath the application systems mimicking the parameters and characteristics of a continuous roll-to-roll coating process.

The standard application system can combine: gravure printing; screen printing; flexographic printing and slot die. Additional systems are available on request. The alignment works with servo drives to allow precision sub-micrometers accuracy and registration control can be embedded if needed.

As COATEMA reports the first Thin Film Coater is being delivered to a customer in Asia.

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