New 3D additive fabrication tool released by NovaCentrix and nScrypt

The new integrated equipment for 3D additive fabrication by NovaCentrix and nScrypt

NovaCentrix, a leading manufacturer of photonic curing tools for the printed electronics industry based in Austin (TX), USA, and nScrypt, manufacturer of precision micro-dispensing and 3D printing systems based in Orland (FL), USA, have announced the introduction of their new integrated equipment designed especially for 3D additive fabrication.

The capabilities of this equipment result from combining the multi-nozzle material extrusion systems from nScrypt with the state-of-the-art PulseForge photonic curing technology from NovaCentrix. Additionally, features such as in-situ component pick-and-place are integral to the total system function.

“We believe the time is right to provide product designers in the 3D fabrication arena with more design and material selection options. By merging this functionality into one tool the opportunities for scalable design innovation are vastly multiplied,” said Dr Ken Church, founder and CEO of Orlando-based nScrypt.

“We’re pleased to be partnering with nScrypt in applying the unique material processing capabilities of our PulseForge tools to this set of applications,” said Stan Farnsworth, VP marketing for NovaCentrix. “The market is demanding new capabilities to enable innovative design and we are excited to be able to deliver.”

The patented PulseForge photonic curing tools use intense microsecond pulses from proprietary flash lamps to heat the surface of target materials to very high temperatures, without heating or damaging the underlying material. Using the PulseForge tools, high-temperature materials such as metal inks and powders can be sintered adjacent to temperature-sensitive materials such as polymers. In this way, 3D fabrication product engineers can now explore new combinations of materials for enhanced design functionality.

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