Neotech AMT and APES form strategic partnership to support growth of 3D printed electronics capabilities in North America


Neotech AMT (Nuremberg, Germany), and New York-based Advanced Printed Electronic Solutions (APES) have formed a wide-ranging strategic partnership wherein Neotech and APES shall cooperate, share resources, and technologies to further the development and manufacturing capabilities of additive manufacturing approaches to 3D Printed Electronics in North America.

An important goal of this partnership is to support the advancement of 3D Printed Electronic applications development and manufacturing capability in North America, by working together on the necessary infrastructure in terms of equipment, technology, and people resources. The partnership will focus on North American based customers and their applications, from product concept incubation through high-volume manufacturing. As part of this strategic partnership, APES will be developing its services offering and adding additional manufacturing capabilities to its US operation, supported by Neotech AMT 3D Printed Electronic system solutions.

“3D Printed Electronics is a rapidly emerging, next generation AM technology for the agile, sustainable manufacture of advanced mechatronic systems,“ reported Dr Martin Hedges, Managing Director of Neotech. “The strategic partnership with APES will accelerate its deployment and integration in the U.S., supportive of recent policy imperatives in rebuilding the US manufacturing base. By collaborating with APES through technology and resource sharing, this will accelerate product development across North America as well as globally, with each company benefiting from the other’s advanced R&D and patent portfolios.“

“In recent years, supply chain vulnerability, among many factors, has revealed significant weakness in the U.S. manufacturing base, including a shortage of skilled professionals with competencies in advanced manufacturing technologies. By partnering with Neotech AMT, my goal is to help reverse this trend and help support the rebuilding of emergent manufacturing technologies, infrastructure, and capabilities within the U.S,” said APES founder Rich Neill.

As part of the strategic partnership, each company will be contributing technology know-how and technical resources, including access to company intellectual property. Both companies expect the benefit of this collaboration to result in enhanced delivery efficiency and quality of customer project implementation; at the same time, enabling new product designs, and providing a clean path from prototype to volume manufacturing.

As a boutique Additive Manufacturing-based, 3DPE focused product, services and technology provider, Advanced Printed Electronic Solutions is at the forefront in combining industrial grade additive manufacturing and 3DPE technologies towards development and manufacturing of next-generation customer applications. Based in New York, the company is positioned for growing customer opportunities within the U.S. and throughout all North America.

Caption: Neotech AMT’s 15XBT System (photo: Neotech AMT)

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