Mimbly AB chooses Ynvisible’s energy efficient displays for its sustainable laundry solution


Ynvisible Interactive Inc. (Vancouver, Canada) has announced that Mimbly AB, a Swedish GreenTech start-up that creates sustainable laundry solutions, has chosen Ynvisible’s energy-efficient electrochromic displays for its product Mimbox.

Mimbly has developed the Mimbox, a solution that connects to washing machines to recycle water, save energy and capture microplastics. To offer a holistically sustainable product, Mimbly chose Ynvisible's energy-efficient and sustainable electrochromic displays as the display solution for its product. The Mimbox display communicates water savings to the users and instructs in the product's use. Ynvisible's segmented electrochromic displays allowed for seamless integration into the Mimbox device and offered high freedom of design of the display visuals and appearance within the product. Ynvisible provided Mimbly with prototyping services that helped implement the novel display technology into the Mimbox product and is ready to deliver industrial-scale production.

"The design, production and integration of Ynvisible's electrochromic displays into Mimbly's water-saving product highlights many of the advantages of electrochromics as a sustainable display solution that offers valuable freedom of design, and integrates well into today's low-power integrated electronics systems. As one of our first public references in the segmented electronic displays market space, the Mimbox case acts as a valuable stepping stone into an increasing number of sustainable electronic systems and as a door opener to many more use cases also in high volume consumer electronics," said Tommy Höglund, Ynvisible's VP of sales and marketing.

Mimbly is rolling out the Mimbox to 22 of the Nordic region's largest property owners as part of a pilot programme to show how the solution works. In the initial stage, Mimbly's customers are property owners, hotels, laundries and cleaning companies. Mimbly sees benefits in the scalability of Ynvisible's displays to higher volumes.

"Our clients are waiting for the first deliveries of the Mimbox. We will start industrial-scale production after the upcoming pilots. We've already found Ynvisible to be a great partner and value their services in design, system integration, prototyping through to production of the displays. It feels incredibly fun to be able to grow the company, with partners, who believe in the vision of plastic-free water in our nature," said Isabella Palmgren, CEO and co-founder.

Caption: The Mimbox incorporates an electrochromic display from Ynvisible (photo: Ynvisible)

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