Mahlo shows solutions for film and tape at C-Touch & Display Expo 2023


With the C-Touch & Display Expo, one of the best-known exhibitions for display and touch screen production is on the trade fair calendar: For three days from 11 to 13 October, innovative materials and technologies will be the focus of interest for experts at the Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center. Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG (Saal a.d. Donau, Germany) will present solutions for improved production processes with the help of quality measurement at booth A98 in hall 8.

With the Qualiscan QMS, Mahlo's China representative Frank Fei has a tool in his luggage that helps every manufacturer of display and touch screen films to sustainably improve their product. This is because the traversing quality control system records and regulates important parameters such as basis weight, thickness or coating weight on the running web. This makes it possible, for example, to detect fluctuations in the applied layers and quickly rectify any faults. This not only improves product quality, but also protects the environment by reducing raw material consumption.

Mahlo also has a specialist in its portfolio to meet the challenges of manufacturing optical films – an integral part of LCD screens. The Optoscope WLI white-light interference sensor measures film thickness and layer thickness even with very thin films. It produces precise measurement results even with transparent or opaque films.

“The demand for optical films has increased sharply in China during the past few years,” Fei says. “Almost all consumer electronics industry sectors from televisions to laptops to navigation systems in cars. We look forward to helping these industries achieve high-quality and efficient production with our systems.”

Caption: Mahlo will exhibit at C-Touch & Display Expo in Shenzhen (photo: Mahlo)

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