LOPEC 2018: Printed electronics moves into everyday life


From OLEDs to intelligent packaging: From 13 to 15 March, LOPEC in Munich showcased groundbreaking developments in flexible electronics. The LOPEC Conference provided important stimuli for application, research and development. The topic of well-being was a recurring theme throughout exhibition, conference and supporting programme.

“LOPEC once again confirmed its status as a visionary platform for the industry. This is where trends are being set,” emphasises Falk Senger, Managing Director of Messe München. “The topic of well-being in particular turned out to be a market of the future with high growth potential.” Dr Klaus Hecker, managing director of the OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association) also sees the wide range of applications in this area, which includes the pharmaceutical and medical industries as well as the sports industry: “The properties of organic and printed electronics make the technology particularly interesting for the medical sector. Unlike conventional sensors, printed sensors are ultra-thin and flexible. They can be worn directly on the skin. This makes, for instance, the measurement of long-term ECGs more comfortable for patients.”

The exhibitors and OE-A members Brewer Science, the Swiss research and development centre CSEM, Holst Centre and the Technical Research Centre of Finland VTT presented additional new developments in the field of medical sensor technology and smart textiles.

Researchers, developers and industry representatives from numerous industries spent three days discussing the potential and current applications of printed electronic components. With 188 conference presentations, the participants were given a comprehensive overview of the diverse aspects of printed electronics. Wolfgang Mildner, general chair of LOPEC, is delighted with the tremendous reception: “The LOPEC Congress once again demonstrated the importance of interdisciplinary work for problem solving. Networking with peers from all over the world provides important impulses for advancing the technology and realising new applications.”

About 2500 participants from 51 countries attended the tenth edition of the international exhibition for printed electronics. Hence, the figures are at the same level as for the previous event. Besides Germany, the top visitor countries were Austria, Great Britain, Switzerland and France. According to the independent participant survey conducted by Gelszus Messe-Marktforschung, LOPEC received top marks. 97% of the respondents rated LOPEC as overall excellent to good. In addition, 76% of the participants stated that they wanted to visit LOPEC again next year (as compared to 64% in 2017). The 153 exhibitors came from 21 countries. 51% came from abroad. The exhibition space increased by 6% compared with the previous year.

Caption: The properties of organic and printed electronics make the technology particularly interesting for the medical sector (photo: Messe München)

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