Linxens: Revolutionising connected healthcare through printed electronics


Recent years have seen strong development in printed electronics capacities and applications for healthcare. Linxens (Mantes-La-Jolie, France), as a global leader, has massively invested to accelerate development of connected health solutions utilising its recognised expertise in printed electronics through three main technology segments:

Biosensors: With decades of expertise and leadership in reel-to-reel manufacturing, Linxens considers itself as the partner of choice to design, prototype and manufacture future biosensors. Mainly used in point-of-care testing, biosensors are the key element for rapid testing in chronic diseases, infectious diseases and environment monitoring. Linxens solutions are reliable and easy to implement in a fully customisable design.

Wearables: Medical wearables have taken a stronger place in professional practices, offering increased patient comfort, continuous and remote monitoring. They are a step further in the remote testing approach. Being a top developer and manufacturer for heart monitoring medical wearables and for many other applications, Linxens offers full CDMO services to design stick-to-skin wearables that integrate flexible materials, printed electronics, connectivity solutions and a variety of sensors (electrochemical sensors, pH sensors, temperature, electric activity, stimulation, etc.)

Track & Trace Solutions: Connected health means communication technologies. Linxens, being a leader in RFID antennas, has developed connectivity solutions-based RFID, NFC and Bluetooth technologies. Bringing traceability and authentication to medical and pharmaceutical products brings security for patients. The company’s development and manufacturing capabilities allow them to offer a wide range of products and services with flexible antennas and inlays.

Caption: Linxens is looking to drive connected health with innovative solutions in printed electronics and flexible materials to develop custom made products for its customers (photo: Linxens)

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