LG Display unveils its latest cutting-edge displays at CES 2016

LG Display's rollable OLED display

LG Display, a leading innovator and designer of display technologies with headquarters in Seoul, Korea, has showcased its latest products for the OLED market at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016, which took place in Las Vegas (NV), USA, from 6-9 January. The showroom at the exhibition floor has highlighted some of the key advantages of OLED, including its superior picture quality and its extreme design flexibility that makes it suitable for many different electronics applications and devices.

LG exhibited 65in and 77in UHD OLED TV panels that are reported to offer better picture performance in terms of contrast, colour accuracy, and viewing angle. For example, the 65in and 77in OLED are said to provide a very high picture quality and the same level of colour gamut seen in professional monitors used to edit theatrical films.

The company also showcased futuristic concept displays that highlight the dynamic forms that OLED can achieve, including the world’s first 30R 18in rollable display that can be rolled up like a newspaper, a 55in design concept OLED TV display that is paper-thin since the electric circuits are installed separately; and a matching pair of 65in extreme curve concave/convex OLED displays.

In order to emphasise OLED’s potential in the commercial sector, LG Display has introduced a 55in double-sided display, which shows different video images on each side for signage and a 139in vertical tiling OLED (VTO) display that is made of eight double-sided 65-in OLED panels that are connected together to form an S-shape pattern. This VTO display also shows different video images on each side.

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