LG Display showcases transparent OLED at IAA 2021 in Munich


LG Display, the world’s leading innovator of display technologies, showcases its latest state-of-the-art Transparent OLED technology at the International Motor Show (IAA) 2021 held in Munich, Germany, from 7-12 September, together with the leading material science and smart glass technology company Gauzy at its booth, Hall A1 – Booth number 93.

Through its first collaboration with Gauzy at IAA 2021, LG Display will let visitors experience the many entertainment and informative experiences that its 55-inch transparent OLED panels can bring public transportation services when replacing their vehicle windows. Moreover, with its transparent OLED technology, the company will cooperate with Gauzy to replace windows in various types of transportation vehicles to enable smart and dynamic transparent displays.

LG Display is set to unveil a total of two 55-inch transparent OLED displays. One is equipped with IGU (Insulated Glass Unit) technology, a special tempered glass that provides the strength to handle impact and vibration. The second product is laminated with Gauzy’s SPD(Suspended Particle Device) smart glass technology, which enables high contrast ratios, thereby making the OLED even more adaptable to bright environments and shifting light conditions.

While SPD is on, a transparent OLED screen can deliver clear visual content to show what is behind the display, increasing its potential for future head-up displays while making it a viable replacement for all greenhouse glazing where both information and a view of the outside is desired.

To create greater contrast when direct light hits while also providing shade for passengers to enhance the safe and comfortable travelling experience, SPD technology dims the transparent OLED panel to any desired opacity, blocking up to 99 percent of light and allowing high contrast and rich colours through day and night. With outstanding application potential in both automotive and built environments, this newly-unveiled transparent OLED presents the future of signage to all kinds of settings.

Not only does LG Display’s transparent OLED display for mobility boast strength and durability, but it also allows passengers to check transportation information at a glance and watch entertaining content on board, while giving advertisers the opportunity to get their products noticed.

“LG Display is pleased to showcase transparent OLED displays designed for trains in the European market for the first time ever,” said Cho Min-Woo, head of the Transparent OLED business at LG Display. “LG Display will bring new possibilities with its transparent OLED to the signage and mobility markets while delivering innovative and trendy new ways for all kinds of companies to display information through eye-catching spatial designs and interior effects.”

Eyal Peso, Gauzy CEO adds: “The future of displays is transparent, and it’s here now. The ability to make any window active, multifunctional, and the ability to provide both visual and thermal comfort alongside communication is one of Gauzy’s core goals. By adding our LCG smart glass technologies to glass and other technologies like transparent OLEDs with SPD by LG Display, together, we are setting a new standard in signage.”

Last year, LG Display began replacing subway train windows in Beijing and Shenzhen, China, with the world’s first transparent OLED panels for transportation, which now provide commuters in these cities with useful travel information like subway times, transfer information and flight schedules, on top of other daily information like real-time weather forecasts and news. The company also broke new ground by extending these futuristic displays to Japan’s overground trains, which helped the East Japan Railway Company receive the Digital Signage Consortium award for outstanding performance.

The company already showcased OLED’s potential in the mobility industry at CES 2020, showing how the innovative tech can elevate the consumer experience on airplanes and in vehicles. The following year, LG Display expanded the transparent OLED experience to lifestyle settings outside the world of transportation, which included transforming the way we order food at sushi bars or watch TV from the foot of bed.

What’s more, LG Display has delivered numerous transparent OLED panels to a popular Korean clothing store where it displays the brand’s advertisements while heightening the store’s atmosphere by seamlessly blending into the interior without compromising space.

Transparent OLED displays are not only extremely convenient and aesthetically pleasing, they also elevate the product and consumer experience in innovative, never-before-seen ways. This is thanks to OLED display’s self-emissive nature and no backlight, which allows a high level of transparency as well as a thin, lightweight and flexible design. Already having installed transparent OLED displays as shop and subway train windows and in multiple signage forms, LG Display plans to expand the presence of this groundbreaking panel display in autonomous cars, aircrafts, and even home furniture in the future.

Caption: The transparent OLED display from LG Display at IAA in Munich (photo: LG Display)

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