LG Display recognised for pioneering research on ultra-large OLED and stretchable displays at SID 2023


LG Display (Seoul, Korea), a leading innovator of display technologies, announced that two of its research papers on ‘ultra-large OLED display’ and ‘Stretchable display’ have been selected as Distinguished Papers by the Society for Information Display (SID).

Under the theme of ‘A Novel Ultra-Large Size OLED Display for Premium TVs,’ LG Display’s research team led by Dr Hong-jae Shin, research fellow, received the Excellence Paper Award for introducing the key technologies that enabled ultra-large OLED displays of 80 inches and above. With this award, LG Display has been recognised once again for its leadership in OLED innovation.

LG Display led the development of a series of ultra-large OLED TV panels by addressing the challenge of uniformly expressing high-quality images on larger screens, advancing panel and driving technologies, improving the performance of organic light-emitting components, and minimising bezels.

Following on from the 88-inch 8K OLED TV panel released in 2018, the company commenced the production of its largest 97-inch OLED TV panels last year to offer a full lineup ranging from medium-sized to ultra-large OLED displays. LG Display is the only company with capability of mass-producing ultra-large OLED panels of 80 inches and above.

In addition, LG Display will introduce ‘META technology,’ its third-generation OLED TV panel technology, during SID 2023. These OLED panels realise the industry's highest brightness of 2100 nits (1 nit: the brightness of a single candle) among existing OLED TVs, making them the perfect solution for ultra-large TVs. Notably, these panels also demonstrate a remarkable 22 percent improvement in energy efficiency.

Another research team led by Precedence Technology Laboratory at LG Display was also awarded the Excellence Paper Award for the paper, ‘High-Resolution Active-Matrix Micro-LED Stretchable Displays.’ The Stretchable display is highly anticipated as a next-generation display technology courtesy of its ultimate free-form technology that enables it to be extended, folded, and twisted.

LG Display unveiled the industry's first 12-inch Stretchable display last year that can be stretched by up to 20 percent while delivering full-colour RGB and a high resolution of 100ppi (pixels per inch) comparable to standard monitors. This award-winning research has garnered recognition for significantly enhancing the resolution, flexibility, and reliability of stretchable displays, achieving substantial progress towards its commercialisation.

LG Display also presents its latest research findings on new technologies during Display Week 2023 from 21 to 26 May at LA Convention Center. This will include the presentation of 15 research papers with significant findings regarding next-generation displays such as OLED and microLED.

LG Display also plans to unveil its latest cutting-edge technologies at SID 2023, including its new OLED technology and third-generation OLED TV panels based on ‘META Technology.’

“We will continue to maintain and expand our competitive advantage by developing cutting-edge displays that provide innovative customer value, particularly in the field of large-sized and high-resolution displays, thereby widening the technological gap between us and our competitors,” remarked Soo-young Yoon, CTO and Executive Vice President at LG Display.

Caption: LG Display has been recognised for its research at SID 2023 (photo: LG Display)

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