LG Display announces winners of this year’s OLEDs GO! Competition


LG Display, the world’s leading innovator of display technologies, has recently revealed the top five ideas for its second OLEDs Go!, a global design competition launched by LG Display together with British design magazine, Dezeen.

The first edition of the OLEDs Go! competition was set up back in 2020 to discover new and innovative designs that offer novel and elevated user experiences through the unique characteristics of OLEDs – the next-generation display technology boasting unparalleled design flexibility with various form factors ranging all the way from curved to rollable.

This year’s competition was held under the theme of ‘OLED displays that provide new experiences and enhance people’s changing lifestyles,’ and ended on a remarkably successful note thanks to more than 300 creative designers from 50 countries submitted their creations.

The company selected the best five entries among them based on a criteria made up of innovation, design aesthetics, practicality, lifestyle-enhancing functionality, and technical validity components which would determine how innovatively they used OLED displays in their concept.

First place was awarded to ‘Caelum’ designed by Turkish designer Cagatay Afsar. The company recognised how the design beautifully integrates a 27-inch Transparent OLED panel into the partition of a desk, eliminating the need for a separate monitor to free up desk real estate and reduce household clutter. When not in use, the display can even switch to its transparent mode as to seamlessly blend in with the room’s décor.

“We’re spending increasing amounts of time at our desks, since working from home has become so common place,” said Afsar. “As our desks are so important now, I wanted to integrate technology into them in a more stylish way.”

Second place was given to Turkish designer Damla Aras’s ‘Tiny’, an all-in-one solution that combines a 32-inch Rollable OLED display with a foldable desk and speaker. The multifunctional concept makes efficient use of precious space since it can be used as a desk when the display is in full-view mode or a high-quality sound system in low-view mode.

In third place, ‘Vivid’ features a touchable Transparent OLED display that can be moved across the home effortlessly. Studio WA+CH incorporated a 55-inch touchable Transparent OLED display with a vertical frame on wheels to make it easily moveable to anywhere in the home. With an additional built-in camera on its frame, it is readily accessible for video conferencing, personal training, video gaming and more, and can even be combined with numerous displays to form an effective, aesthetically-pleasing room divider.

The other entries in the top five are ‘Totem’ (fourth place), a highly customisable modern soundbar design with a Rollable OLED technology that retracts from the body and can be positioned both vertically and horizontally, and ‘Easel’ (fifth place), an OLED display and easel stand combination that adds a stylish touch to any interior design and can is highly portable.

The total prize pot to be spread across the top five entries is €88 000, with €35 000 going to the winner, €20 000 to second place, and €15 000 to third place.

LG Display will review the winners’ designs against their commercial feasibility and could potentially consider launching new projects for further product development in the future.

“Based on the wide range of scalability and endless developments of OLED technology, LG Display will continue to provide incomparable and differentiated customer experiences in the market,” said Lee Sang-hoon, head of Large Display Product Planning Division at LG Display.

Caption: ‘Caelum’ by Turkish designer Cagatay Afsar (photo: LG Display)

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