Laser processing for customised OLEDs

  An OLED manufactured with the new technology
An OLED manufactured with the new technology

At LOPE-C 2013 4JET Technologies GmbH, a German producer of laser systems, introduced a new laser process for the customisation and optimising of OLEDs. The technology is a joint development with the German Novaled AG, which is specialised in the development of technologies and materials for OLEDs and other organic electronics.

The new SLAM (Selective Layer Modification) process enables to create OLED signage solutions in lot size 1 and allows for individual logos or patterns. The use of ultra short laser pulses is said to leave no visible traces in the processed area when the OLED is turned off.

The flexible laser processing of the delicate films requires no lithography processes and the partners 4JET and Novaled will commercialise the SLAM process together.

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