Kyulux and WiseChip collaborate to commercialise TADF and hyperfluorescence OLED product


Kyulux, Inc. (Fukuoka, Japan), a leader in next generation organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology, and WiseChip (Miaoli, Taiwan), a leading manufacturer of organic light emitting diode (OLED) products, recently announced that the two companies plan to release a commercial product utilizing 4th generation Hyperfluorescence OLED light emission technology. This will be the first commercial product using this new generation of organic compounds in a commercial display product.

Hyperfluorescence is a 4th generation OLED technology that is reported to outperform all previous generations of OLED emitters. The first generation of fluorescent compounds used for blue pixels in today’s cell phones and televisions are only 25% efficient and thus reduce the energy efficiency or battery life. The second generation green and red emitters used in cell phones and televisions are 100% efficient, but they use the expensive rare metal Iridium. This second generation of materials also suffers from an inferior colour purity compared to the first generation. Fourth generation Hyperfluorescence allows for 100% quantum efficiency in a completely organic molecule without requiring the use of rare heavy metals to attain 100% efficiency. Further, Hyperfluorescence technology reportedly combines the superior colour purity of gen 1 materials and the efficiency of gen 2 materials, allowing for increased battery life or increased brightness without sacrificing colour purity.

WiseChip plans to begin offering commercial display products incorporating Hyperfluorescence by Q4 2017 and will become the first OLED display manufacturer to offer these 4th generation OLED displays for PMOLED applications. Through a highly collaborative engineering partnership, WiseChip and Kyulux have been able to rapidly increase the lifetime of TADF and Hyperfluorescence OLED devices even at the high current densities required for PMOLED applications. WiseChip and Kyulux will initially offer 4th generation monochromatic yellow and green displays, with red, blue and white displays planned for commercial launch in the near future.

Professor Chihaya Adachi, co-founder of Kyulux and inventor of TADF and Hyperfluorescence technologies, said: “It is fantastic to see that TADF technology will be deployed in a Hyperfluorescence commercial product. The technology, invented at Kyushu University in 2009 has seen a tremendous improvement in lifetime and efficiency over the years and is now poised to take over as the prevailing commercial OLED technology. I have particularly enjoyed watching this technology mature in the collaboration between Kyulux and WiseChip.”

Dr York Tsai, VP of R&D Engineering Division of WiseChip Semiconductor stated: “We are very pleased with the close collaboration between WiseChip and Kyulux that has allowed us to rapidly deploy Hyperfluorescence into a commercial device. Our engineers have worked very hard together to deliver the world’s first product utilising this disruptive new emitter technology.”

Caption: WiseChip and Kyulux are collaborating in 4th generation OLED technology (photo: Kyulux)

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