Konica Minolta supplies 15 000 flexible OLED lighting panels to a Japanese Tulips Festival

Konica Minolta's OLED tulips that were supplied to a Japanese theme park

The Japanese Konica Minolta corporation has recently started mass producing flexible OLED lighting. In the wake of this decision, the company has shipped 15 000 flexible OLEDs to a Japanese Tulips Festival, the “Shining Tulip Festival” at the Huisch Tembosch theme park.  This marks by far the largest OLED installation to date and will be on display until 13 April.

In total, there are 5000 tulips – as each one has three petals with OLED panels. These are the first OLED panels that were produced at Konica Minolta’s new $100M R2R flexible OLED lighting fab. This breakthrough fab, located in Kofu, Japan, will have a monthly capacity of a million panels, and it produces both white and colour-tunable flexible panels. The white panel is 150x60mm in size (0.35mm thick) and weighs 5g. The colour-tunable counterpart is smaller (50x30mm, 0.29mm thick, 0.6g). Both panels are flexible with a curvature radius of 10mm.

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