Kodak presents transparent conductive film

  A polyester based film made by Kodak
A polyester based film made by Kodak

Eastman Kodak Company and Xymox Technologies have just presented a new highly conductive film named KODAK HCF-385 Film for use in projected capacitive touch sensors found in home appliances, tooling and machine equipment, product packaging, signage, automotive displays and other interactive electronic devices.

The new film adds to Kodak’s growing portfolio of Highly Conductive Films (HCF), and is a result of a shared technology partnership between Kodak and Xymox. The film is said to be a response to market requests for a transparent conductive film with a higher light transmittance than what was currently available in the HCF Film product line.

“The technology that utilizes Kodak’s HCF Films represents a milestone for Xymox in the scaling up and commercial roll-out of our projected capacitive sensors to meet the quality and price targets of our printed electronics customers,” said Bob Heidenrich, Xymox vice president of sales and marketing.

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