Kodak and Xymox Technologies cooperate

  Membrane switches by Xymox
Membrane switches by Xymox

Kodak, a company focused on imaging for business based in Rochester, NY, USA, and Xymox Technologies, Inc., a  manufacture of membrane switches from Milwaukee, WI, USA, have entered into a multi-year agreement. The aim is to jointly promote Kodak’s Highly Conductive Films (HCF), the featured product in multi-touch sensor technology developed by Xymox.

The agreement further states that Kodak on a non-exclusive basis will promote Xymox as a preferred source for industrial sensors made using HCF Films.

Xymox’s new multi-touch sensor technology will incorporate HCF Film in a variety of industrial sensors, with potential use in cars, home appliances, tooling and machine equipment, product packaging, signs, and other interactive displays.

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