King Jim and E Ink unveil the Pomera DM30 Digital Typewriter


E Ink (Cambridge, Massachusetts), a leading innovator of electronic ink technology, announced that its patented ePaper display technology has been used in the development of the Pomera DM30, a portable digital typewriter produced by King Jim, a Japan-based office stationary supply company.

King Jim’s Pomera DM30 digital typewriter aims at revolutionising how information is recorded and accessed while on the go. Primarily focused on providing users with a simple, convenient and elegant way to create text documents, the DM30’s compact body houses a foldable keyboard which features keys with a horizontal pitch of 17mm and a vertical pitch of 15.5mm.

This year marks Pomera’s ten year anniversary with its first-ever model released in 2008. Beloved by users in Japan, Pomera was developed to eliminate the need to lug heavy, clunky laptops with short battery life to meetings and on business trips. Pomera is now being made available in the United States for the first time. Representing a radical shift in design, E Ink’s ePaper display is replacing backlit LCD displays for the first time in the Pomera product line with the Pomera DM30.

The Pomera DM30 features a 6” E Ink ePaper display, which leverages the performance of E Ink’s bi-stable electronic ink, resulting in a compact, easy-to-use device that sips power. Sending documents to one’s computer, smartphone or the cloud is easy with Pomera’s data transfer options, including microUSB, SD card and QR codes. The Pomera can run for 20+ hours on (2) AA batteries, and the change from a LCD display to an E Ink display not only saves power, but gives users high-readability from all angles and enhanced durability for taking notes on the go.

“This is yet another example of how E Ink’s electronic ink technology continues to revolutionise the way we create, consume and share information,” said Naoki Sumita, president of E Ink Japan. “We’re delighted to partner with King Jim to simplify the document creation process – whether that’s to help employees take notes during meetings or to enable writers to finish their stories and novels.”

“The original Pomera was produced with an LCD display, which caused eye strain after prolonged use,” said Takanobu Kameda, King Jim’s Research and Development Managing Director. “With the DM30, we took user feedback to heart and worked with E Ink to design a new device that’s durable and easy-on-the-eyes, enabling our users to create documents with ease and without eye fatigue.”

King Jim plans to release the DM30 into the US market in 2018.

Caption: King Jim’s Pomera DM30 with E Ink’s technology (photo: E Ink)

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