Kateeva snaps up OLED Plus

  Alain Harrus
Alain Harrus

Kateeva, a company focused on the manufacturing of inkjet printing systems for the production of OLEDs, recently announced an expansion of its Korea operation by absorbing the assets of Seoul-based OLED Plus Co. Ltd., an OLED equipment design, sales, service and support company headed by industry veteran Kyung Bin Bae.

Both companies first began collaborating in 2011 to advance Kateeva’s customer and product positioning in Korea. The recent move according to the company builds on that effort by creating an “instant-on” local infrastructure to support Kateeva customers. Bae becomes general manager of the combined entity known as Kateeva Korea, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kateeva, Inc.

Kateeva CEO Alain Harrus, calls the expansion a timely strategic move: “Korea is home to consumer electronics leaders known for consistently pushing technology boundaries to create dazzling products. Today, their most ambitious products are made possible by OLED technology. Thanks to Mr. Bae and his team, we have established a firm foothold in the region and forged strong relationships with key players. Now, with commercial shipments imminent, we’ve got the right-size support infrastructure.”

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