Japan Display develops flexible Full-HD display

FULL ACTIVE FLEX display from JDI (photo: Japan Display Inc.)

Japan Display Inc. (JDI) announced the development of its FULL ACTIVE FLEX display, which uses a plastic substrate for both sides of the liquid crystal layer, and its introduction into a 5.5in Full-HD LCD display for smartphone devices.

With FULL ACTIVE FLEX it is easily possible to form curved shapes by utilising its flexibility, and thus it is expected to greatly help in expanding the degrees of freedom in smartphone design. Also, by using plastic substrates instead of glass, it is possible to prevent cracking when the display is dropped.

Furthermore, by incorporating low-frequency technology, which Japan Display has developed in the past, FULL ACTIVE FLEX supports not only a normal 60Hz scheme but schemes as low as 15Hz. This contributes to a significant decrease of power consumption for mobile devices.

JDI is planning to start mass production of this display in 2018. The company will position this technology as one of its new platform technologies, and will consider adopting it not only in smartphone displays but also in notebook PCs, automotive applications and various other products as well.

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