Jabil offers connected packaging solution built to scale


Jabil Packaging Solutions, a division of Jabil Inc. (St. Petersburg, Florida), recently launched a connected packaging platform that enables consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies to offer their customers a compelling next-generation user experience that maximises convenience and boosts brand loyalty. The new platform combines sensors, connectivity and cloud technologies to eliminate reorder friction for consumer staples. Leveraging Jabil’s specialised services, differentiated capabilities and turnkey products for connected packaging innovation and scale, the platform positions the company as one of the only packaging solutions providers to offer connected packaging services across the entire value chain.

“Customers tell us they appreciate that Alexa can help ensure they never run out of the essential products they use every day,” said David Jackson, director, Alexa Smart Home, Amazon. “With Jabil’s new connected solution, more brands can now seamlessly integrate smart reordering into their devices, helping their customers reorder essentials automatically, or receive low inventory notifications, through convenient Alexa interactions.”

Jabil’s new offering responds to unprecedented rapid growth in consumer uptake of e-commerce and subscription services. “The pandemic has fuelled an unexpected growth in e-commerce and direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales, permanently shifting many business models,” wrote John Blake, senior director analyst at Gartner in a report. John Blake is research director for packaging, labelling sustainability and product lifecycle management in Gartner Supply Chain Research. According to the report, “in 2020, the U.S. total e-commerce sales are estimated to have increased 32.4% from 2019, where total retail sales increased just 3.4%.” The report further stated, “but as business models have evolved, operating models have lagged.”

Connected packaging represents the next generation of CPG innovation and is widely expected to transform the industry over the next decade. To help brands leap to the forefront of these consumer trends, Jabil is also offering a suite of specialised services that accelerate new product introduction. These services address early-stage ideation, prototype development, design for manufacturability, in-market user testing and the facilitation of a regional or global product launch and post-launch end-user support. Jabil is unique in the market as a solution provider able to coordinate and execute on all aspects of a connected packaging solution, from software to manufacturing, from concept to scale.

The company sees itself well-positioned to lead this movement with extensive technology capabilities and a deep history of packaging innovation. Connected packaging, particularly its enablement of auto-replenishment, provides CPG brands with a scalable response to both consumer and brand pain points felt across the evolving CPG landscape.

“Our deep knowledge of the CPG industry and expertise in device manufacturing and digital solutions create a powerful value proposition for CPG brands looking to enter the field,” said Jason Paladino, senior vice president of Jabil and CEO of Jabil Packaging Solutions. “Our unique ability to provide the connected device, the consumable packaging and the IoT platform all under one roof eliminates a significant amount of complexity and cost for CPGs needing to move quickly.”

Caption: CPG companies are expected to be able to offer their customers a compelling next-generation user experience that maximises convenience thanks to connected packaging solutions from Jabil (photo: @Squirrel_photos – pixabay.com)

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