IRLYNX purchases CeraPrinter F-Serie from CERADROP

The technical team of IRLYNX in front of the new CERADROP machine

IRLYNX, a developer and manufacturer of low-cost human activity sensing modules for smart buildings based in Montbonnot, France, acquired a CeraPrinter F-Serie from the French machinery manufacturer CERADROP, which is specialised in materials deposition digital printers exclusively for the printed electronics industry and smart 3D printing.

“The printed electronics field grows fast showing the demand for emerging functional devices, which make our life more secure and smart. The potential of this development is in the core of our business model by providing advanced CeraPrinter equipment for the actors,” says Nicolas Bernardin, deputy managing director at CERADROP. “The system supplies the players with solutions starting from advanced R&D up to industrial applications. Due to this commitment, we are very much pleased to be highlighted by such an innovative company like IRLYNX.”

“In addition to the equipment quality, CERADROP has demonstrated its ability to address the issues of a start-up in pre-industrialisation phase, by proposing a strong flexibility and a constant adaptation,” adds Dr Lionel Fritsch, technology manager at IRLYNX. “This choice of a new innovative industrial pathway will allow IRLYNX to reduce its time to market and provide greater responsiveness to customers. Thanks to CERADROP, in a very tight schedule we could validate our functional materials output, which was in perfect adequacy with our most aggressive specifications.”

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