Interlink Electronics quadruples production of sensor components for ventilators


Interlink Electronics, Inc. (Camarillo, California), a global provider of HMI sensors and IoT solutions, announced that it has quadrupled its output of components used in the making of lifesaving equipment in support of the relief effort against the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes Interlink's patented Ring Sensor, a touch-operated, wheel-shaped sensor used in non-invasive ventilators that assist COVID-19 patients experiencing respiratory distress. The sensors are designed to be operated by users wearing gloves, and can also withstand quick deep cleanings – both ideal features for any hospital or medical environment.

As COVID-19 attacks the respiratory system particularly aggressively, healthcare providers are in desperate need of more ventilators to assist patients who have trouble breathing. Global manufacturers are working around the clock to make as many ventilators as possible, and Interlink rapidly responded to increased demand by quadrupling the production of its Ring Sensor components. Interlink is structured to handle a sudden increase in output thanks to its agile manufacturing operation, a multi-disciplinary engineering team, and distribution facilities placed strategically around the globe.

"The extreme threat posed by the COVID-19 pandemic demands an equally extreme response from our healthcare services. As the virus spreads across the globe, it is vital for hospitals and doctors to have access to the equipment they need to save lives. The dire nature of this situation is evidenced by the conditions in the hardest-hit areas around the world, where shortages of the device have forced doctors to make life-or-death decisions about whom should receive ventilator treatment," says Steven N. Bronson, president and CEO of Interlink. "To avoid similar situations in the future, we need to make sure that everyone has access to the lifesaving devices they need, and Interlink is committed to playing its part. I urge other manufacturers around the world to join Interlink in stepping up production to support this effort."

The sanitary benefit of gloved operation makes all of Interlink's FSR-based HMI technologies effective in curbing the spread of disease, particularly among frontline healthcare workers, who are already facing increased exposure due to a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE).

"To minimise the human toll of COVID-19, we must do everything we can to immediately fill the critical gap between the supply of lifesaving equipment and the rapidly expanding need for it," said Dr Albert Lu, CTO of Interlink Electronics. "The unique properties of our sensing devices and technology platforms—such as gloved operation, resistance to fluid exposure, and the ability to be deep cleaned quickly—make them ideal for broad-based implementation in mitigating the spread of the disease."

All of Interlink's products are made to the highest quality standards at its in-house manufacturing facility, which is certified to adhere to ISO-90001 manufacturing standards and ISO-13485 medical standards.

Caption: PE companies like Interlink Electronics are offering their expertise to help combat the Covid-19 pandemic (photo: @fernandozhiminaicela –

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