Innovative system for WVTR measurement

  The VacuTRAN system
The VacuTRAN system

VG Scienta, a provider of scientific equipment based in Uppsala. Sweden, has introduced a new system for the measurement of the water vapour transmission rate (WVTR) of barrier layers to better than 10-6g/m2/day and simultaneous O2 permeation to better than 10-3 cm3/m2/day called VacuTRAN.

The system is said to offer advances in time-saving, performance and a higher sensitivity. The company further states that until now there has been no commercially available instrument that can measure WVTR to these very low levels nor measure WVTR and OTR simultaneously. This is of particular relevance to the OLEDs, OPVs and OFT (Organic Fieldeffect Transistor) device markets in the industry.

The system will be introduced at Plastics Electronics Europe 2013, 17-18 April in Berlin.

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