Innovative design with new lighting elements – First creative workshop of COPT.CENTRE and IHK Cologne


Designers make beautiful and esthetic products. Organic light diodes as light sources are extremely flat and deliver a cozy, glare-free light. This is reason enough to ask, how organic light diodes (OLEDs) can contribute to esthetic products. Questions like these were addressed at the first creative workshop hosted by the COPT.CENTRE, an organic electronics research facility in Cologne, Germany, and the IHK Cologne, the local Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

It was the aim of the workshop to find creative solutions for the development of new product and business ideas thanks to the collaboration of product designers and technology developers. The intensive and fruitful exchange created a connection between the demands and requirements of the product designers with the actual technical possibilities of the OLEDs. In a joint dialogue, the participants coined new ideas and discussed the possible technical realisations. In this way, the workshop delivered very concrete results that can now be pursued separately.

“Especially for us technology developers, it is important to have our ears on the market and understand the thoughts of the product designers,” says Dr Stephan Kirchmeyer, who organised the event at COPT.CENTRE. Detlef Kürten, deputy managing director innovation and environment at IHK Cologne, added: “We are pleased with the fact that we were able to offer members of IHK Cologne the possibility to experience this new technology so closely. We hope for a contribution to the topic “High-Tech in Cologne” resulting from this event.” After the success of this first workshop, further events are being planned.

Caption: Participants of the creative workshop in front of the OLED installation at COPT.CENTRE (photo: Dimitri Kourkoulos)

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