Innolux and E Ink announce their collaboration on a 28-inch colour ePaper


The display company Innolux (Hsinchu, Taiwan) and E Ink (Billerica, Massachusetts), a leading innovator of electronic ink technology, announced their collaboration on large-sized ACeP (Advanced Colour ePaper ) panels. Innolux is E Ink’s first partner to work on the production and sales of large-sized ACeP. With this partnership, both parties will focus on expanding electronic paper (ePaper) products in IoT and smart city applications.

IoT and smart city applications are extremely well suited for products featuring ePaper. E Ink’s ePaper is extremely low power, as no power is required to hold an image, its form factor is thin and lightweight, and the reflective display technology uses ambient light without the need for a backlight. With the advancement of colour ePaper technology, Innolux and E Ink see a great opportunity for development and expansion into IoT and smart city markets. In this collaboration, E Ink will provide full colour ePaper film to Innolux, while Innolux will produce modules and will leverage its strength in special applications and large-size panels to promote E Ink’s first generation of ACeP, E Ink Gallery to the market.

Jim Hung, chairman and CEO of Innolux, said: “Panel applications have become more diverse as 5G and AI have encouraged the development of applications in smart life, digital entertainment and health management. Innolux has differentiating advantages owing to our solid capability in panel manufacturing, and we are glad to have chance co-operating with E Ink in the colour e-paper project to complete the total panel solution provider role.”

“E Ink is actively developing the ecosystem around ePaper.  By providing our unique film to Innolux as part of our strategic partnership, together we will grow the ePaper business and expand the ePaper ecosystem,” said Johnson Lee, CEO of E Ink Holdings. “Innolux is the sole ecosystem partner for large-sized modules for our ACeP technology and E Ink will be introducing potential customers for large sized panels to InnoLux. Through the strong cooperation between E Ink and Innolux, we will expand applications of colour ePaper, show the excellent characteristics and value of ePaper, and attract more market attention and adoption.”

The 28 inch bar type colour ePaper using E Ink Gallery will be mainly used for in-vehicle advertisement signage and retail signage, as well as in public transportation such as metro, high-speed railway, train, or electric bus. With E Ink’s core benefits of ultra-low power consumption and sunlight readability, ePaper could replace traditional paper poster to enhance a smart city development and sustainable environment.

Caption: Colour ePaper from Innolux and E Ink (photo: Innolux)

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