infinityPV provides low-cost active inks for the industrial production of flexible solar cells

Inks from infinityPV


Striking solar cell designs, semi-transparency and colours are not typically words associated with solar cells. But with printed polymer solar cells, endless opportunities are possible through their freedom of design and colour selection. infinityPV from Denmark is now offering active layer inks for roll-to-roll fabrication of polymer solar cells. The inks, based on organic semiconductor materials, are known as production inks (PI) and are developed and optimised for industrial manufacturing of organic solar cells, applying fast roll-to-roll coating techniques.

Currently, infinityPV offers four inks for sale with optimised photovoltaic properties and tailored visual impressions. infinityPV inks are said to ensure cost competiveness, superior results, high yields, highly uniform solid films, robustness in large scale production under ambient conditions, and high performance in a wide range of film thicknesses. This makes infinityPV inks a perfect match for high speed production of organic solar cells on flexible substrates. The inks are sold pre-formulated and ready to use.

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