InfinityPV presents solar panel for charging mobile phones

The HeLi-on flexible solar panel for charging mobile phones

The Danish start-up company infinityPV has launched a crowdfunding campaign for its new HeLi-on product, a super compact solar charger for the pocket. Using a powerful and flexible solar panel, HeLi-on is reported to facilitate phone charging significantly. The panel is assisted by a built-in rechargeable battery that ensures power even on a cloudy day. The new development is especially suited for hikers and campers, who often have no access to wall plugs.

“While you might have seen other solar charges around, you won’t have seen the likes of HeLi-on,” ensures Morten Madsen, one of the entrepreneurs behind the product. “Using our new solar cell technology, we have made the HeLi-on much more compact than existing products. Our design simply makes the solar panel an extension of your smartphone, enabling you to charge anywhere.”

The solar panel inside the device is an all-new energy technology developed by infinityPV. The panel is made of so-called polymer solar cells. Such cells are both flexible and environmentally friendly. With the launch of their crowdfunding campaign, the team behind HeLi-on hopes to spark a global interest and get the needed funding to bring the solar charger to the market.

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