Identiv and Wiliot strategically partner to meet global demand for passive and active IoT solutions


Identiv, Inc. (Fremont, California), a global leader in digital security and identification in the Internet of Things (IoT), recently announced its partnership with Wiliot (Caesarea, Israel), a SaaS company with a platform connecting the digital and physical world through the IoT. Identiv’s new Bluetooth (BLE) IoT Pixels for the mass IoT market feature built-in logic and communicate intelligently to create an ecosystem of digital products in healthcare, pharma, and smart packaging, including tracking cold chain, temperature, moisture, and movement.

Identiv is a strategic developer and production partner for Wiliot, providing deep expertise in complex antenna, device, and systems design with a global commercial channel and proven scalability. The Wiliot platform allows healthcare customers, retailers, brands, and perishable distributors to achieve real-time, cost-effective visibility of all equipment and supplies.

​​“The movement to add intelligence and connectivity to trillions of everyday things is being driven by an ecosystem of companies that share a vision of where the Internet of Things is going — companies that have the experience, expertise, and capacity to make it happen,” said Tony Small, Wiliot chief business officer. “The potential to make products safer, better quality, and more sustainable is very exciting. We are delighted that Identiv is bringing their unique track record of experience with some of the most sophisticated IoT technology to this ecosystem.”

These BLE tags, known as IoT Pixels, enable monitoring of any everyday item, from vials of medicine to luxury apparel. The partnership is strengthened through Identiv’s best–in-class production processes along with compliance and quality control through its engineering expertise in specialty designs.

“As we continue our growth as a leading IoT manufacturer and solution provider, we have partnered with Wiliot to meet the production demands of the mass market interested in connecting billions of everyday items simultaneously over-the-air with widely adopted smart devices,” said Amir Khoshniyati, Identiv VP and GM, Transponder Business. “Identiv is well positioned to efficiently scale the innovative IoT Pixels globally and our partnership with Wiliot is already driving results with many credible names, including leaders in the food and beverage market.”

Caption: The partnership between Identiv and Wiliot creates an ecosystem of digital, intelligent products in healthcare, pharma and smart packaging (photo: Identiv)

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