Heliatek successfully implements second phase of BIOPV pilot project in Singapore

The Cleantech I building in Singapore has been equipped with HeliaFilm from Heliatek

The Heliatek GmbH (Dresden, Germany) has reached an important milestone in its pilot project in Singapore. The organic solar film HeliaFilm is being rigorously tested under the tropical weather conditions of Singapore to provide new urban-fit energy solutions for the ever growing cities of Asia. Already the largest BIOPV (Building Integrated Organic Photovoltaic) project in Asia, it has further expanded with more HeliaFilm® installed on various façade and roof elements.

Covering the Seletar Aerospace walkway with solar film during the first phase last year, HeliaFilm has now been installed on approximately 200m² in JTCs Cleantech Park I and II with a peak power of more than 10kWp.
The opaque organic solar film was installed on the west façade of the Cleantech I building on steel panels with 56 films of 2m length and 45 films of 3.25m length laminated into 15 glass elements. On the Cleantech II building, 87 HeliaFilm solar films were mounted directly on glass elements. In the third phase of this project, transparent films will be added to the installation. Continuous monitoring is performed by the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS), and the gathered data again proves the unique feature of HeliaFilm i.e. its performance is stable at high temperatures and non-optimal orientations unlike conventional solar panels. The project continues until mid- 2017.

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