GreenPeak launches its first smart city application

Semiconductors from GreenPeak Technologies

GreenPeak Technologies, a leading provider of low-power RF semiconductors based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, and Dusun Electron Ltd, a rapidly growing electronic company focusing on the development of wireless internet technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) industry in China, have announced a partnership agreement. The two partners will launch their first smart city assisted parking application that addresses the growing parking problems in China’s larger cities.

The number of cars in Beijing has grown quickly as urbanisation and modernisation have progressed. Today, the capital has over 5M registered vehicles and only 1.5M available parking spaces. Chinese ministries are launching major programmes focused upon achieving sustainable urban development. The Chinese smart city initiatives, driven by national and local governments, are intended to improve efficiency of cities and aim to achieve environmental and social sustainability through the systematic integration of ICT solutions into their planning, design, operations and management.

GreenPeak Technologies and Dusun Electron have launched a smart parking application for smartphones that guides car drivers to an available parking space. Based on individually selected criteria such as the walking distance to the destination from the parking space and the parking tariff selected, the application guides the user to the nearest available parking space in just a few clicks.

Inside the parking lot, every parking space is equipped with a wireless sensor that detects if the parking space is empty and reflects availability in floor and row signage on car guidance displays. GreenPeak has developed the senor technology, the radio chip and the networking technology. Based on this, Dusun Electron has developed the cloud infrastructure and smart parking application. The gateway sends the parking availability information to the cloud environment where the data is analysed for display in the mobile app and parking location signage.

“The Smart Car Parking system is an integrated solution that combines gateways, sensors, cloud infrastructure and the Smart Parking application. A single gateway can connect up to 200 sensors, which is a cost effective solution as the price of our sensors start at $15 per unit and gateway at $25,” says Tiny Cao, vice president of Dusun Electron. “Based on the Dusun Electron Smart Parking system for big data analysis, we can provide practical and detailed comprehensive data for urban construction parking management to urban government, which includes usage rates for city parking areas, density of parked city vehicles, analysis of expected garage building requirements, etc.”

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