Global printed electronics community gathers online for TechBlick’s first virtual event


TechBlick has announced its first virtual conference on 10 & 11 March covering Printed, Flexible, Hybrid and InMold Electronics.  The compelling speaker line-up includes leading global organisations such as JCDecaux, GE Research, Fiat, Jones Healthcare, Geely Design, SWAROVSKI, Jabil, Eastman Kodak and many more.

TechBlick is a year round event series with over 350+ analyst selected live online presentations and 10+ masterclasses.  With a single annual subscription fee, members have access to its portal where they can join the monthly conferences, liaise with sponsors, network with fellow attendees, download and watch past presentations.  It is the networking hub for the emerging technology community.

Over 120 speakers have already signed up including BASF, Google, Fiat, Panasonic, Suunto, Gerdau, Cabot, Phillips 66, ARM, Coatema, GE Research, Jabil, Identiv, Schott, Thales, Alpha Assembly, Tungshu Optoelectronic, Fujikura Kasei, Evonik, VTT, NRCC, CPI, and more.

Future conferences  include:

- Graphene, Nano Carbon & 2D Materials: Applications & Commercialization on 14 & 15 April

- Quantum Dots: Material Innovations & Commercial Applications.  Printed, Flexible, Hybrid & In-Mold Electronics on 11 & 12 May

- Innovations & Market Trends in Displays & Lighting on 15 & 16 June

- Skin Patches, Wearables, E-Textiles and Stretchable Electronics on 14 & 15 July.

More conferences will be announced shortly.

TechBlick’s approach is building on the key advantages of an online event:

- All-year-around: TechBlick’s events are, in a sense, perpetual events. These events do not begin and end in one or two days. Indeed, each year TechBlick will bring 300 - 350 live online presentations, handpicked by its analysts and advisors.  These talks will be organised as a series of major live but online conferences at approximately 4-week intervals. Each conference will consist of 40 speakers organised as two live sessions.

- Live but online: The events are held live, meaning that the speakers will be there and delivering the content in real-time from their own location. The talks will not be pre-recorded unless there is a major time zone clash. Of course, LIVE also means that the polls and the Q&As will also be live, giving further opportunity for interaction.

- On-demand: You will not miss any talk regardless of how busy you are or in which time zone you are located. This is because talks will be available shortly after they are broadcast. As a member or sponsor you will have access to a growing library of content.

- Community centric platform: The provider’s online platform is fully integrated meaning that it brings together the agenda, the streaming, the on-demand, the booths, the attendee-to-exhibitor video links, and, crucially, the community together in one easy-to-use online platform which is accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

- Online networking:  TechBlick’s fully integrated platform enables you to search the entire community, finding the right contact and reaching out to him/her directly. This is a major advantage over physical networking because you can really access the entire audience, thus your networking is targeted and amplified at the same time.

- Annual pass model: Buying an annual pass will grant access to all past (on-demand) and future (live + on-demand) conferences and presentations as well as all masterclasses for one year. Of course, you can visit the booths, watch demo talks, and do online networking without limits.

- Unique all-year-round exhibition and sponsorship packages:  Sponsors will have annual booths, meaning that their virtual booth will be active throughout the year including during all our LIVE events.

Caption: TechBlick has unveiled its new concept of live online events for industry sectors including printed and flexible electronics (photo: TechBlick)

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