Girls' Day at Schreiner Group


The fact that technical professions are not "men's jobs" was proven again this year on Girls' Day at Schreiner Group, an international family-owned company for innovative high-tech labels. Twelve interested schoolgirls had the opportunity to gain an insight into the world of modern and forward-looking printing technologies and the associated exciting professional fields at the headquarters in Oberschleißheim, Germany.  

After a presentation of the internationally active family-owned company, the innovative products as well as the apprenticeships in the technical field, they went off in small groups to the production. Here, the areas of artwork production, flexo and screen printing as well as maintenance were examined more closely. The training workshop, where the apprentices spend the first period of their training and are optimally prepared for their work in production, was also particularly interesting. The girls were also allowed to get active themselves: In addition to working with the soldering iron, they were allowed to print themselves using the screen printing process. Finally, there was a Q&A session where the trainers and apprentices answered questions about the company and the professions.

The students were amazed at the variety of functions and technologies hidden in a label. It is important to Schreiner Group to take away the girls' fear of technical professions and to arouse their interest in them. "It is always great to see how many girls are interested in our professions in the printing industry every year on Girls' Day. Excellent skilled workers are essential for the future – that's why I'm looking forward to welcoming some of the participants as an employee at Schreiner Group in a few years' time," says managing director Roland Schreiner.

During the annual nationwide Girls' Day, companies introduce female pupils from the 5th grade onwards to apprenticeships in the fields of mathematics, information technology, natural sciences and technology. At Schreiner Group, the focus was on six technical apprenticeships: screen printing media technologist, flexographic printing media technologist, machine and plant operator, industrial mechanic, mechatronics technician and media designer.

Caption: Screen printing explained to the girls in the workshop at Schreiner Group (photo: Schreiner Group)

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