Fujifilm Dimatix technology integration continues to progress in the printed electronics industry

The FUJIFILM Dimatix SX3 print head

FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc., a leading supplier of drop-on-demand inkjet print heads based in Santa Clara (CA), USA, has announced the successful high-volume manufacturing of printed electronic circuitry. The Dimatix Technology Integration (DTI) engineering team and ink partners have recently developed high volume manufacturing solutions for printing conductive electronic circuits. As demonstrated at the InPrint 2015 tradeshow in Munich, FUJIFILM Dimatix print heads can deposit precise levels of silver conductive nanoparticle fluids at high speeds in challenging production environments. This process has enabled new technologies and provided cost savings.

DTI single-pass technology and world-class print heads are said to make DTI a leading innovator in digital inkjet integration for printed electronics applications. DTI assists customers from the early stages of development to full manufacturing process implementation using customer-designed inkjet solutions.

“FUJIFILM Dimatix Technology Integration has created inkjet tools that enable a range of solutions from lab feasibility to extremely high volume manufacturing solutions for printing conductive and dielectric fluids,” said Scott Leger, DTI Business Development Manager.  “Five years ago, inkjetting functional fluids at high speed was a technical curiosity.  Today, FUJIFILM Dimatix has the proven technology to enable high-volume industrial applications previously thought impossible.  Inkjet print heads are a viable tool in a multitude of manufacturing processes.  We are at the forefront of an inkjet functional printing revolution.”

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