From garage business to high-tech company: Schreiner Group celebrates 70th anniversary


It was 70 years ago, on 1 October 1951, that Margarete and Theodor Schreiner founded Schreiner Group, then called "M. Schreiner - Spezialfabrik für geprägte Siegelmarken und Etiketten". A lot has happened since then. The garage business of those days has long since grown into an international high-tech company.

Today, more than 1200 people work for Schreiner Group at four locations in three different countries and generate an annual turnover of approx. €190M. In order to duly commemorate the anniversary even under the challenging conditions of 2021, Roland Schreiner, the third generation managing director, has organised exceptional events with all employees.

A big celebration in 2021 – the Corona pandemic and lockdowns made it impossible. So why not make a virtue out of necessity? That is exactly what they did. Instead of a big event, there were and still are numerous small events at Schreiner Group to commemorate the anniversary year. At the beginning of the year, Roland Schreiner had already presented a specially developed anniversary logo, which is not only to be seen on letters, in e-mails and on chocolates for employees, but also accompanies all other anniversary campaigns.

This also includes the video "70 People". All employees worldwide are an important part of Schreiner Group's success. Therefore, 70 people of this large corporate family have demonstrated in a short video what Schreiner Group represents today and what it stands for – including sustainability. Environmental and climate protection have been important goals for the family-owned company for decades. And so, in another campaign, managing director Roland Schreiner, together with Oberschleißheim's mayor Markus Böck and all employees, sowed thousands of bee-friendly flowers.

When honouring an anniversary, the focus is naturally also on history. Consequently, Schreiner Group organised an exhibition for its employees with its own products from the last 70 years, showing how simple seal marks first became self-adhesive labels and finally innovative high-tech products, especially for the pharmaceutical and automotive industries.

"However, in 2021, we don't just want to look back, we also want to celebrate a little," says managing director Roland Schreiner. "Unfortunately, we are not allowed to invite our friends and partners due to current regulations. But all employees can look forward to great anniversary cake and special food this week during a little journey back in time to the 1950s. This success, this anniversary, would never have been possible without our dedicated employees!"

Caption: Roland Schreiner, third-generation managing director, is celebrating Schreiner Group's 70th anniversary (photo: Schreiner Group)

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