Fluxim celebrates 10th anniversary of its Setfos simulation software

Setfos software from Fluxim

In 2004, Fluxim AG, a Winterthur, Switzerland based provider of R&D tools for the OLED display, lighting and photovoltaic industries, has introduced the commercial software package Setfos, which is a numerical tool for design and analyses of organic LEDs and solar cells. Now, the company celebrates the 10th anniversary of the product. Over the last 10 years,  the capabilities of Setfos have grown steadily and now include electrical and optical simulation of OLEDs, absorption and electrical modelling of solar cells as well as efficiency enhancement by light scattering.

The OLED field has grown tremendously in the past decade. OLED displays are wide spread in high end smartphones and are considered best-in-class in image quality. Several OLED lighting companies have overcome the 100lm/W efficiency barrier. For these achievements ever more refined device architectures are needed, claim the Swiss experts. Advanced numerical modelling tools are essential for the design of state-of-the-art OLEDs and indispensable in organic electronics R&D. In the last decade, Fluxim has thus contributed to the advancement of this technology.

The 10 year milestone was accompanied by the launch of 3 major updates of Fluxim’s products:  Both versions 4.0 and 4.1 of the Setfos simulation package were released in 2014. Moreover, Fluxim’s all-in-one measurement platform Paios for OLED, OPV and organic semiconductor material characterisation was updated to version 2.0.

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