Flex2Energy project announces first 3rd generation photovoltaic manufacturing facility at LOPEC 2023


At the recently concluded LOPEC 2023, the European project Flex2Energy was presented by the President and coordinator of the HOPE-A Association, Prof Stergios Logothetidis. The event was organised by the Greek company Organic Electronic Technologies (ΟΕΤ) with the participation of the German company COATEMA, the LTFN Nanotechnology Lab of AUTH and the HOPE-A Association.

Speaking to an international audience of representatives, companies, research centres and journalists, Dr Logothetidis referred to the 20-year technological development and large-scale European investments behind the great success of the Flex2Energy flagship project. With the help of European funds, the first facility for the production of printed semi-transparent photovoltaics (3rd generation photovoltaics) will be installed in Thessaloniki, at the premises of OET.

The Flex2Energy project (Automated Manufacturing Production Line for Integrated Printed Organic Photovoltaics, HORIZON-CL5 2022-D3-01-03 Advanced manufacturing of Integrated PV), is coordinated by the Greek company OET and brings together 14 other European Industrial and Research bodies, six of Greece (OET, ALUMILL, LTFN - APTH, HOPE-A, DEPIA, Kyriakidis), one from Germany (Coatema) and one from Spain (Mondragon), three from France (Pole-Fibres, In-Core, IPC), one from Hungary (SEMILAB), one from Lithuania (WOP), one from Italy (Stellantis Fiat) and one from Romania (Alba Julia). Its total budget is €21.2M.

As Dr Logothetidis pointed out, Flex2Energy signals “the Future of Europe for the production of green energy, energy autonomous buildings and the creation of the Green Industry.” The President of HOPE-A also referred to the International Center of Excellence for Organic Electronics and Nanotechnologies (Centre of Excellence for Organic, Printed Electronics & Nanotechnologies) COPE-Nano, which will also be located in Thessaloniki and will develop the internationally recognised Nanotechnology Laboratory LTFN, member of the HOPE-A Association, in an autonomous and sustainable Center of Excellence.

The presentation was attended among others by representatives of companies, research and educational institutes, respective business associations and journalists from all over the world. Also present at the event was Thomas Kolbusch Vice President of Coatema, one of the largest companies internationally in the organic electronics industry.

Also at LOPEC 2023, the President of HOPE-A, Prof Stergios Logothetidis, and the General Director of the Association, Dr Asterios Hatziparadeisis, as well as further executives of the Association, held meetings with representatives of the respective Associations from Korea (KoPEA), France (AFELIM), Germany (OES), etc. with whom they renewed the cooperation agreements signed in the years before the coronavirus period. At the same time, they discussed the latest developments in the field of organic electronics technology with representatives of companies and research centres from all over the world.

Caption: Prof Logothetidis presented the Flex2Energy project at LOPEC 2023 (photo: OET)

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