FAPS-IPC to host second conference on printed electronics in mobility and life science in Nuremberg


FAPS-IPC, a German specialist for technology conferences, will be hosting the second edition of its event on printed electronics in mobility and life science on 3 and 4 July 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany. The conference is directed by Wolfgang Mildner, founder of MSWtech and general chair of the LOPEC tradeshow in Munich.

The symposium is aimed at decision-makers, product managers, development managers and managing directors and focuses on two topics: "Automotive" and "Healthcare/Sport". Participants receive an overview of the technological possibilities as well as an outlook on further developments. The advantages and possibilities for new products and businesses will be shown by many examples. The two days allow visitors to set thematic priorities and network in this up-and-coming community.

1st day: "Automotive"

Printed electronics allows the functionalisation of (smart) surfaces and the integration of functions in the smallest of spaces.

Areas of application: integrated conductive structures (e.g. antennas), sensors, user interfaces (e.g. capacitive touch screens), touch-sensitive surfaces. Often – thanks to free form factors – weight, the number of parts and also costs can be reduced. Injection moulding and 3D pressure/3D MID are used for function integration. Speakers include Dr Robert Lindner (OE-A), Dr Wolfgang Clemens (PolyIC), Andrea Glawe (KROENERT) and Dr Christoph Hunger (Papierfabrik Louisenthal)

2nd day: "Healthcare and Sport"

Electronics in new formats and the functionalisation of conventional components become possible.

Areas of application: Smart plasters / T-shirts ("wearables") with embedded sensor technology and communication functions for data acquisition and faster evaluation, intelligent packaging reminding patients to take their medication, improved protection against counterfeit medication. Speakers include Dr Reinhard Baumann (Fraunhofer ENAS), Dr Kurt Kugler (Schreiner PrinTronics), Thomas Gnahm (Wear It Berlin) and Benjamin Stöcklein (Medical Valley Center).

The symposium will take place at Energie Campus Nürnberg (EnCN) and an exclusive evening event will conclude the first day. The conference language is German.

Caption: Interfaces are key challenges for integration (photo: MSWtech)

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