Evonik and Ynvisible introduce technology demonstrator for printed electronics


The Evonik specialty chemicals group (Essen, Germany) and Ynvisible Interactive Inc. of Canada have agreed to collaborate in the field of printable electronics.

With a technology demonstrator, the two companies show what is possible together. It integrates the directly usable ink formulations for printable batteries from Evonik and Ynvisible’s electrochromic displays into a combined system that consumes only minimal electricity, weighs little, and is highly flexible, transparent, and robust. Already during the development of the technology demonstrator, attention was paid to a particularly efficient design: Modules required by both the battery and the electrochromic display are only present once and are shared.

“Printable electronics are taking on a key role, as everyday items become increasingly interconnected through the Internet of Things,” says Dr Michael Korell with confidence. Korell works at Creavis, the strategic research unit at Evonik, where he is responsible for the development of printable battery materials (TAeTTOOz). Products containing printed electronic components could one day be used in a number of applications. Logistics is a good example: here, smart sensors powered by printed batteries could be used in packaging to monitor supply chains of sensitive goods, such as food or vaccines. In this application, an electrochromic display would immediately return an easy-to-understand, visual signal whenever temperature or acceleration exceed threshold values.

“We’re very happy to have launched this joint development project with Evonik,” says Jani-Mikael Kuusisto, the CEO of Ynvisible. “We’re convinced that our two technology platforms complement each other perfectly. TAeTTOOz looks particularly promising from our perspective: after all, it’s the only technology available on the market for producing rechargeable batteries entirely within the screen-printing process.”

To this Korell adds, “Ynvisible is the undisputed trailblazer when it comes to developing electrochromic displays. That’s why we’re happy to support the company and help this technology achieve a breakthrough on the mass market.”

Caption: The demonstrator from Evonik and Ynvisible (photo: Evonik, Ynvisible)

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