Evonik and InnovationLab bring new battery technology to the market


Evonik (Essen, Germany) is presenting TAeTTOOz, a new material technology for printable batteries, at the virtual edition of the LOPEC tradeshow. Together with the company InnovationLab (Heidelberg, Germany), the specialty chemicals group is testing the integration of this material technology in printed electronics in order to open up new application possibilities. TAeTTOOz was developed on the basis of so-called redox polymers by Creavis, Evonik's strategic innovation unit.

With TAeTTOOz, Evonik presents an innovative technology for the efficient production of rechargeable battery cells. Batteries manufactured with TAeTTOOz technology do not require liquid electrolytes and are therefore leak-proof. Batteries with polymer materials have several advantages over conventional batteries: Common printing processes can be used for their production. This allows a high degree of design freedom. The battery materials also contain no metals or metal compounds.

"We are very pleased to be working with InnovationLab," says Dr Michael Korell, who is responsible for the development of TAeTTOOz at Evonik. "Together we want to enable new applications with the help of TAeTTOOz technology. Particularly with the increasing networking of everyday objects in the 'Internet of Things', the development of metal-free and printable energy storage systems opens up promising areas of application for us," says Korell. In the health sector, sensors for monitoring vital functions can be worn much more comfortably by using printed batteries. In logistics, too, sensors in packaging powered by printed batteries can monitor supply chains, for example of sensitive goods such as vaccines or food.

Caption: Evonik’s TAeTTOz technology will be highlighted at the virtual LOPEC 2021 (photo: Evonik)

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