Europe’s biggest science museum showcases the Graphene Flagship


The Graphene Flagship stars in an exhibition at Paris’ Cité des Sciences, the biggest science museum in Europe. The showcase, dedicated to the challenges of research and innovation, will continue until late June 2022.

A new exhibition showcases the successes of the Graphene Flagship at the ‘Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie’ in Paris, Europe’s biggest science museum. The exposition is part of the series Science Actualités, a life-size multimedia magazine that updates regularly with interesting stories about science, technology, environment and health. In this case, it analyses the challenges of the European research and innovation ecosystem; and features the Graphene Flagship as an accomplishment that delivered on its promises.

The exhibition was inaugurated on 18 January 2022, and will stay open until 26 June 2022, a period that coincides with the French presidency of the EU Council. Graphene – a monoatomic layer of carbon atoms – has attracted European innovation for its outstanding properties in energy and telecommunications, says the museum’s website.

Furthermore, the French museum produced a video about graphene and the immense venture of the Graphene Flagship, a project with an initial timespan of 10 years and €1bn funding from the European Commission and Member States. This film features Graphene Flagship partners the University of Manchester and the University of Cambridge (UK), Vittoria Spa (Italy), CNRS, Thales, and the University of Saclay (France). It also includes unique footage from the first days of the Graphene Flagship, when European Commission Vice-President Neelie Kroes announced the kick-off of the project in 2013.

Caption: Europe’s biggest science museum showcases the Graphene Flagship (photo: Amanda Breuer Rivera)

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