Epishine raises 60M SEK in investment round to fuel continued growth


Epishine (Linköping, Sweden), a leading energy impact company, aiming to redefine the capture of light has successfully completed an investment round, securing an impressive 60 million SEK in funding. This substantial investment is expected to propel the company's expansion plans, enabling further growth and advancements.

The most recent funding round demonstrates the market’s confidence in Epishine’s innovative business model, exceptional performance, and promising future prospects. Jula Miljö & Energi, a company under Jula Holding, represents the largest investor, with strong support from existing investors such as Vigo Carlund, Philian and Beijer. The funding will be strategically allocated to enhance key areas of operations, including product development and scaling up production to meet the growing market demand.

“We are grateful to have raised 60 million SEK in the current global economy, which is a testament to the confidence our investors have in our vision and progress,” stated Anna Björklou, CEO at Epishine. “This funding will allow us to accelerate our growth trajectory, introduce new offerings to the market, and solidify our position as a market leader in indoor solar cell technology.”

Jula Miljö & Energi focuses on green investments characterized by long-term profitability and sustainability. For Jula Holding, this investment also holds strategic significance for their own businesses, particularly in terms of product development and the increasing digitalisation of their retail stores. “Utilising indoor light as an energy source in different products within our offering is the right step for us which is why this investment falls perfectly under our scope,” explains Magnus Sigurd, Business Development Director at Jula Holding.

Epishine has achieved remarkable success since its establishment in 2016, reaching significant milestones along the way. Looking ahead, Epishine has ambitious plans for the future and is already preparing for its next funding round, scheduled for late 2023. This upcoming funding round will aim to secure additional capital to support the company's continued expansion, forge strategic partnerships, and drive international market growth.

“We are excited about the road ahead and are looking forward to several new product launches during 2023,” Anna Björklou continued. “Our investors’ trust and confidence in our vision motivates us to push boundaries and drive positive change in our industry.” Epishine remains committed to its core mission to pioneer printed solar power for people and planet, and the funds raised will be instrumental in bringing innovative solutions to the market, creating value for customers and stakeholders alike.

Caption: Epishine has secured 60M SEK in funding (photo: Epishine)

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