Epishine and Raynergy Tek forge stronger partnership to drive innovation in sustainable indoor solar cells


With the rapid growth of IoT devices, the European Commission predicts that a staggering 78 million batteries will be discarded daily by 2025. The urgent need for a sustainable solution to address this issue has never been more critical.

Epishine (Linköping, Sweden) has established itself as a market leader in indoor solar cells, providing high and reliable performance in low light conditions. The company is firmly dedicated to maintaining exceptional quality and manufacturing excellence through their patented production process. Given that an application powered by indoor solar cells must be adapted to the lowest measured output of the module, Epishine emphasises the importance of consistent performance over occasional high peaks in performance.

Jonas Bergqvist, CTO at Epishine, says: “Our commitment to quality is a key factor in establishing reliable partnerships with industry leaders like Raynergy Tek. We are extremely optimistic about this partnership and the potential benefits for both parties.”

This partnership marks an important step towards ensuring reliable material supply as Epishine scales up its production to meet the demand for billions of units. Additionally, an in-depth material quality inspection system has been established, which includes characterisation of materials under typical indoor conditions. Manufacturing excellence and access to the most innovative materials on the market are both imperative for the further development of the company’s market leading indoor solar cells.

Benny Lin, Vice President at Raynergy Tek, highlighted: “The integration of OPV technology in IoT devices is highly anticipated to commercialise and we are confident that Epishine will be the leader in this space. As our commitment to excellence, we are thrilled to share that we’ve recently achieved ISO 9001:2015 certificate to deliver quality management and quality assurance to partners like Epishine.”

Caption: Raynergy Tek and Epishine are strengthening their partnership (photo: Epishine)

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