Epishine and Nichicon join forces to simplify self-powered electronics


Epishine (Linköping, Sweden) and Nichicon announce their strategic partnership, with the core aim that the sustainable choice should be the simplest one. By combining their expertise, the two companies aim to offer customers integrated power solutions for self-powered devices.

Most sensors and low-power electronic devices have been powered with disposable batteries, not only contributing to increased environmental impact but resulting in higher maintenance costs due to the need for frequent battery replacements. Light power is an obvious solution, but it needs to be integrated in the devices.

To enable easier and faster implementation in a wide range of devices, Epishine and Nichicon are collaborating regarding power management solutions for self-powered devices. The solutions can provide lower life cycle assessment (LCA), higher efficiency, and be as simple to integrate as batteries. Joint customers will benefit from a faster time to market, without the need to focus on individual power management components.

Nichicon’s SLB (Small Lithium-ion Battery), based on LTO-technology (Lithium Titanate Oxide), is a groundbreaking product capable of capturing even the smallest level of charging currents and maximising energy harvesting efficiency at incredibly low levels below 5uA or 0.01C. The Nichicon SLB also offers outstanding performance at temperatures as low as -30°C, retains more than 80% capacity after 25k charge/discharge cycles, offers rapid charge/discharge specification of 20C, and withstands pulses of 100C. This is a robust sustainable in-circuit product, made to support energy harvesting for the entire service life of finished goods, which eliminates the need for battery replacements.

“The combination of Epishine’s indoor solar cell and Nichicon’s SLB represents an important step that allows customers to drive the change towards a sustainable future, without unnecessary battery disposals. At the same time, total cost of ownership can be reduced without battery replacements, while end-user convenience increases due to the elimination of manual charging,” says Klas Engstroem, Sales Director at Nichicon.

Epishine, a producer of indoor solar cells with market-leading high and reliable performance offers thin and flexible solar cells that seamlessly integrate with various applications. The company’s innovative solution enables its customers to embrace and implement environmentally sustainable power solutions for their IoT devices, while maintaining operational efficiency. Through ongoing collaborations and continued advancements in sustainable technology, Epishine is committed to making a positive impact on the environment and supporting companies in achieving their sustainability goals.

“We are dedicated to finding solutions that strengthen our clients' ability to make their devices self-powered. Our partnership with Nichicon enables improved cost-efficiency and will simplify the development for groundbreaking self-powered products,” says Hassan Abdalla, Product Manager at Epishine.

Caption: Epishine remains fully committed to realizing a future where low-power connected devices operate sustainably at scale, with minimal resource consumption and reliable performance. As they continue to make progress towards this goal, Nichicon’s SLB technology aligns perfectly with their vision. This strategic partnership simplifies the sustainability of powering methods for low-power electronics (photo: Epishine)

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