E Ink wins Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award for fourth consecutive year


E Ink Holdings (Billerica, Massachusetts), a leading innovator of electronic ink technology, has won the TCSA 2020 Corporate Sustainability Report Award – the Gold Award in Electronics Manufacturing Industry for the fourth consecutive year. This year, E Ink also won the Taiwan Enterprise Sustainability Excellence Award, the Social Inclusion Award and the Growth through Innovation Award from the Best Practice Award Categories, also awarded by TCSA. "The 13th Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA)" were presented by the Taiwan Academy of Corporate Sustainability, and are the most representative corporate sustainability awards in Taiwan that evaluate the sustainable and environmental, social, governance (ESG) performance of companies against international and comprehensive standards. In 2020, 252 companies participated in this award competition, and E Ink is recognised for its outstanding performance in the environment, society and corporate governance.

"E Ink has been working toward the goal of becoming a sustainability benchmark company, so it is an honour to receive four awards from TCSA. These awards validate the sustainable development performance by our company and staff under the three major categories of ESG,” said Johnson Lee, CEO of E Ink Holdings. “E Ink will continue to work with stakeholders including our employees, supply chain and ecosystem partners to put environmental symbiosis and social inclusion into practice to realise the goal of environmental sustainability as a corporate citizen.”

E Ink echoes the sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations as it implements sustainability development and evaluates the benefits of implementing practices through ESG principles. E Ink has been consistently ranked among the top 20 percent of companies listed on over-the-counter (OTC) stock in the Corporate Governance Evaluation of the Taiwan Stock Exchange since 2018. In regards to environmental sustainability, E Ink has been investing in purchasing renewable energy certificates since 2017. As of 2019, E Ink purchased more than 1500 renewable energy certificates, the most of any company in Taiwan. To further support environmental sustainability, E Ink signed a memorandum of understanding with green power companies in 2019 to purchase free trade green energy in Taiwan. By expanding the use of renewable energy in corporate operations and ePaper manufacturing, E Ink is able to reach its goal of reducing carbon emissions and electricity consumption in manufacturing and operations, and through its displays with ultra-low power consumption, E Ink expands these benefits to the applications using ePaper in their end products. E Ink will continue to promote sustainable development with the environmentally-friendly aspects of ePaper, bringing the company’s vision of becoming a green enterprise into action.

In winning the Growth through Innovation Awards for two consecutive years, the core benefits and features of ePaper are recognised in the industry. E Ink’s ePaper displays can hold an image without power and can be driven with battery-less technologies or through solar panels, resulting in significant power savings in a device. ePaper displays are easy on the eyes, giving readers relief from blue light and emissive backlights. ePaper is recognised as an excellent display interface for communication between humans and machines, reducing the consumption of environmental resources and energy. E Ink has built a robust ePaper ecosystem through partnerships with software and hardware manufacturers and the upstream and downstream supply chains of various industries to accelerate solving end-customers' requests and to bring new applications to market. Most recently, E Ink’s ePaper displays have been introduced into the healthcare industry around the world, and is used in products including signage, bedside cards, communication boards and medication cart labels.

In 2017, E Ink initiated the eReader mobile library project in Taiwan, “eRead for the Future - Mobile eLibrary Establishment Project,” and has won the Social Prosperity Award three years in a row. This project, featuring eReaders using E Ink’s ePaper, focuses on the benefits of comfortable reading over many hours and the eye-friendly nature of the reflective displays. E Ink invited ecosystem partners and volunteers to participate in this project to promote digital reading and to help bridge the education gap. In 2019, E Ink not only worked with Chiayi County to donate eReaders to 41 elementary schools, but also donated eReaders to Chiayi County Public Library and 18 public libraries in towns within Chiayi County. At the same time, E Ink continues to promote digital reading in 16 elementary schools in Taiwan, where E Ink has donated eReaders and held student reading competitions. As of 2019, the project has sponsored 67 elementary schools and 19 libraries in Taiwan, donating 1100 eReaders and 101 000 eBooks, benefiting nearly twenty thousand students and cumulatively contributed a total of NT$135.6 million in market value.

Looking forward, E Ink will continue to enhance lean management and advance the research, development and manufacturing of colour, flexible, power-saving and battery-free technologies related to ePaper and continue to be an industry leader in sustainable development. E Ink will continue to join hands with global employees, the supply chain, ecosystem partners, communities and other stakeholders to participate in promoting corporate social responsibility for a vision of a sustainable, smart and paperless future.

Caption: E Ink’s dedication to sustainability was recognised at the TCSA 2020 Corporate Sustainability Report Award (photo: E Ink)

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