E Ink Spectra 6 wins Display of the Year at Display Week 2024

E Ink, pioneer and global commercial leader in ePaper technology, announced that the Spectra 6 full-colour ePaper was recognised with a Display of the Year award by the Society for Information Display. This recognition adds E Ink to a roster of innovative companies that received the award, including Apple, Samsung, BOE, 3M, and more.

Having our Spectra 6 ePaper display win the Display of the Year award is a testament to E Ink’s unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence,” said Hong-Mei Zang, E Ink Vice President. “Spectra 6, with its enhanced colour spectrum and advanced imaging algorithm, not only revolutionises digital signage but also aligns with our sustainability goals. Spectra 6 empowers retailers and advertisers to deliver captivating content while minimising environmental impact.”

Engineered to provide a truly print quality replacement

E Ink Spectra 6 builds upon the prior generations of the Spectra platform and has been engineered to provide a truly print quality replacement for any paper sign and features an enhanced colour spectrum and an advanced colour imaging algorithm to improve marketing and advertising performance. E Ink Spectra 6 enables customers to utilise a full-colour display with low power consumption for indoor digital signage, serving as a replacement for paper signs or light-emitting displays.

E Ink Spectra 6 was originally featured at Display Week 2023, where it was awarded a People’s Choice award. It is geared for in-store advertising, indoor signage, and as a digital replacement for traditional paper signage. As a full-colour product, it provides a level of colour saturation and vividness never before seen in a reflective display and the ability to give a visual performance similar to the most advanced paper colour printers on the market today. The display features a 60,000 colour gamut and a contrast ratio of up to 30:1. As this is a reflective display, it has a nearly 180-degree viewing angle and is easy to read in bright light. As with all E Ink displays, Spectra only uses power to update an image and not to maintain it, making this a very low power solution for retailers.

Achieving Net Zero by 2040

“As we continue to innovate, we’re proud to offer solutions that empower businesses with visually striking and energy-efficient displays,” said Johnson Lee, E Ink CEO. “Achieving Net Zero by 2040 and RE100 by 2030 are not just goals; they are integral to our mission of transforming the way the world displays information. We are proud to lead the charge in creating display technologies that are as sustainable as they are groundbreaking.”

E Ink is actively focused on reducing carbon emissions throughout the product design and manufacturing processes by conducting product carbon footprint verification and providing customers with a carbon footprint framework for ePaper products. In September 2023, E Ink’s science-based greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets were validated and approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). In 2021, E Ink was identified as having 99.98 percent of Green Revenue according to the FTSE Russell Green Revenue 2.0 Data Model, underscoring the positive environmental impact of ePaper products.

Caption: E Ink Spectra 6 features an enhanced colour spectrum and an advanced colour imaging algorithm to improve marketing and advertising performance. (Picture: E Ink)



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