E Ink showcases display solutions for the low-carbon smart city


E Ink (Billerica, Massachusetts), global commercial leader in ePaper technology has showcased its comprehensive ePaper solutions at Touch Taiwan 2023 from 19-21 April. E Ink’s theme in 2023 was "We Make Surfaces Smart & Green," and the company presented its ePaper technology as the best display solution for low-carbon smart cities. E Ink showcased sustainable, innovative technologies and system reference designs that use fewer materials and consume less power. E Ink's ultra-low-power ePaper applications have been demonstrated in various sustainable smart city scenarios. Additionally, the company's full range of colour ePaper technology platforms has been unveiled.

"E Ink continues to advance the development of ePaper technology, utilising varied technology platforms to enhance ePaper colour performance and to meet the needs of various smart applications,” said Johnson Lee, CEO of E Ink Holdings. “Although ePaper already has the low-carbon characteristics of no power consumption when there is no screen change, in the face of the global trend towards low-carbon sustainable environment, ePaper technology development still needs to focus on more energy-saving or zero-power consumption and more streamlined zero-component or material low-carbon innovative designs. This will enable ePaper to continue to be the best display solution for smart and sustainable applications such as retail, transportation, logistics, healthcare, office, reading, and writing."

- E Ink Spectra 6: Based on the E Ink Spectra technology platform, it enhances colour spectrum and advanced colour imaging algorithms, providing full-colour display with a resolution of 200 PPI and a contrast ratio of 30:1. It is suitable for in-store digital advertising or replacing paper printouts, including POP displays, signage, and posters. Operating temperature range is from 0 to 50 degrees Celsius.

- E Ink Kaleido 3 Outdoor: Based on Print Color ePaper technology, it uses RGB colour display principles to present warm and colourful display performance on black-and-white ePaper films, providing 4,096 colours, and a display presentation similar to that of colour print paper signage. Designed specifically for digital outdoor advertising signage, it is suitable for temperatures ranging from -15°C to 65°C, reducing additional power consumption without the need for expensive high-energy heating or cooling equipment.

- E Ink Kaleido 3 colour printing electronic paper: It has 4,096 colours and 16 grey levels, with a black-and-white resolution of up to 300 PPI and a colour resolution of up to 150 PPI. The page-turning speed is the same as that of black-and-white ePaper, and the operating temperature is between 0°C and 50°C. The colour presentation has a warm and soft effect, suitable for displaying rich image information on eReaders and eNotes. Brands such as Bigme, Onyx, Readmoo, and others have launched products in the market.

E Ink is committed to developing lower carbon sustainable ePaper technology by reducing power consumption from product design and even developing system reference designs that use fewer parts and materials, combined with cloud services to enhance system and application value.

- Smart electronic paper logistics box: combining ePaper display with logistics boxes to reuse the box, reduce box consumption, and strengthen the efficiency and sustainable value of logistics box usage. The ePaper display device in the logistics box has built-in sensors and wireless communication functions that can be linked to a mobile phone, and the cloud application can record the shipping status throughout the process to provide customers with better and more various services.

- Interactive smart shelf label: the intelligent ePaper shelf label system combines the technology of multiple ecosystem partners, including using the Realtek SoC RTL8762ESL to make the ePaper shelf label more energy-efficient, and combining Formosa Plastics Group's DSSC solar cell module to provide longer-lasting renewable energy for the ePaper shelf label. The ultra-thin pressure sensor from Uneo Inc. is used to monitor changes in the number of goods on the shelf, allowing retailers to adjust product promotions or promotions based on real-time sales status, reducing the workload of inventorying goods and reducing labour costs. This is a new application of Retail 2.0.

- Solar-powered charging cover for eNote: using new flexible solar cell technology, converting all forms of light, both natural outdoor light and ambient indoor light, into clean, endless energy. It is applied to the eNote cover, providing long-last green energy and becoming a net-zero carbon emissions product.

- Battery-free colour ePaper badge: using the minimal power generated during wireless transmission to drive the updated colour ePaper display, the displayed information on the badge will not disappear even after removing the mobile phone or computer. This achieves a battery-free application and can be combined with cloud applications to measure body temperature of personnel and display health codes, a new application for smart offices in the era of post-pandemic.

- Image compression application for ePaper shelf labels: With the development of colour ePaper technology, image compression algorithms via cloud services can reduce data transmission, reduce bandwidth, and memory usage to save costs while speeding up page-turning by 33% and reducing power consumption.

Research from the Harvard School of Public Health indicates that ePaper with the E Ink ComfortGaze front light is three times healthier for the eyes than LCD screens. In addition, E Ink’s ePaper without front light does not emit blue light that damages the eyes. Additionally, ePaper is the world's first display technology certified by the International Dark Sky Association. E Ink is committed to providing environmentally friendly and low-carbon display solutions for smart cities, bringing energy-saving, harmless, and visually healthy products to cities and the public.

Caption: E Ink Spectra 6 (photo: E Ink)

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