E Ink launches the latest generation of their full colour ePaper module


E Ink (Billerica, Massachusetts), the originator, pioneer, and global commercial leader in digital paper technology, recently announced the launch of the latest generation of their Advanced Color ePaper (ACeP) platform, E Ink Gallery Plus. This next generation, full colour ePaper module, has a colour gamut ideally reaching 60 000, an improvement over the earlier generations. E Ink Gallery Plus targets indoor commercial signage for retail, restaurants, transportation and public information displays. The 28-inch and 25.3-inch displays are being used in the Smart Display Metro Digital Train of Taipei Metro.

E Ink Gallery Plus is using E Ink ACeP, a full colour electronic ink system with four colour pigments: cyan, magenta, yellow, and white, used to achieve a full colour gamut at each pixel. The contrast ratio is improved by 40%, from 10 to 14, providing a more impactful visual experience. The look and feel of the new generation is similar to colour prints, with the benefit of digital changes that allow for instant updates to match with promotion and communication needs. E Ink Gallery Plus will be available in various sizes for customers, including 13.3-inch, 25.3-inch, and 28-inch.

"E Ink has been investing considerable R&D resources in ePaper film and modules, as well as in colour drivers, hardware and software, enabling continuous refinement and innovative breakthroughs in ePaper technology," said the CEO of E Ink, Johnson Lee. “The new generation of E Ink Gallery Plus significantly improves the contrast ratio of our full colour ePaper, and can help customers’ make their advertisements more eye-catching.”

E Ink will cooperate with ecosystem partners to jointly introduce E Ink Gallery Plus into the digital signage market. The goal is to replace single-use printed posters in commercial advertising and public information displays and reduce the impact on the environment. E Ink Gallery Plus features low-power consumption, can be driven from solar power and is eye-friendly, attributes that are beneficial in the development of sustainable smart cities.

Caption: E Ink Gallery Plus is geared towards indoor commercial signage and public information displays (photo: E Ink)

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