E Ink launches Spectra 3100 Plus five-colour ePaper


E Ink (Billerica, Massachusetts), the originator, pioneer, and global commercial leader in digital paper technology, recently announced the launch of its Spectra 3100 Plus five-colour ePaper. Spectra 3100 Plus adds bright orange to the existing four colours (black, white, red, and yellow) of the previous generation. The combination of five vivid and saturated colours creates a more eye-catching display, which is expected to help retailers improve their marketing and advertising performance. E Ink Spectra 3100 Plus offers a variety of display sizes, including 1.64-inch, 2.36-inch, 3-inch, 4.37-inch, 7.3-inch, and 8.14-inch, allowing retailers to choose a suitable size of five-colour ePaper for different application scenarios.

Based on the Spectra 3100 four-colour ePaper platform (black, white, red, and yellow), E Ink Spectra 3100 Plus adopts a new waveform to display the fifth colour, orange. In addition to offering a wide range of solid and saturated colours, Spectra 3100 Plus can create a partial image flashing effect, E Ink Sparkle, when it is equipped with the relevant All-in-One Driver IC. Sparkle can enhance the effect of advertising messages through this motion, and help retailers achieve better results for their product promotions.

"Since its launch in 2013, the E Ink Spectra series ePaper has been well received by the retail industry. We have gradually designed and developed the series from three-colour and four-colour to our latest release of E Ink Spectra 3100 Plus, five-colour ePaper, which shows our strong R&D capabilities in colour ePaper technology. We have continued to improve our R&D based on the feedback from ecosystem partners and end customers, so we can develop colour ePaper technology that meets business needs and is closer to user values. The E Ink Spectra series allows ePaper signage and electronic shelf labels in the retail market to be eye-catching as well as energy-saving and eco-friendly," said Johnson Lee, CEO of E Ink Holdings.

Digital transformation has driven retailers to accelerate the adoption of electronic shelf labels (ESLs). Over the past seven years, 600 million ESLs of around three inches in size have been installed worldwide. If we assume that the price and information changes four times a day, single-use paper price tags would create 32 000 times more CO2 versus ESLs. Electronic shelf labels can not only reduce the consumption of environmental resources but can also help significantly reduce CO2 emissions versus traditional signage, contributing to more environmental sustainability.

Caption: E Ink has launched its Spectra 3100 Plus five-colour ePaper (photo: E Ink)

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