E Ink launches multi-colour ePaper film enabling product personalisation


E Ink (Billerica, Massachusetts), a global commercial leader in digital paper technology, has launched E Ink Prism 3, a next generation segmented display that features dynamic colour changing capabilities. Prism 3 offers product designers to choose from eight colours and combine them with patterns to create rich, dynamic surfaces.

Additional benefits include:

- Low energy consumption – bistability means that power is only consumed when displays are updated; no power is consumed once the colour is displayed

- Priority on personalisation – Designers have the option of combining intricate patterns and colours onto the surface to further enhance their products

- Thin and durable – Rugged design provides a thin and light solution for surface displays

E Ink Prism 3 is the next generation Prism film, which bridges the gap between traditional static materials and digital technology with dynamically changing materials. Fully programmable, designers can now integrate endless materials with changeable colours and patterns. At CES 2023, BMW has been using Prism 3 to create a multi-coloured skin on their new i Vision DEE concept car, the first use of Prism 3 in automotive applications.

“E Ink Prism creates unique experiences like never before. Product developers and designers now have the ability to integrate E Ink technology to create dynamic surfaces,” said Paul Apen, chief business and operating officer of E Ink Corporation, US Operations. “E Ink Prism offers the ability to design in a low power, sustainable display solution that is customisable and offers endless design opportunities through a combination of changing colours, patterns, and user-defined programs. E Ink works to enable solutions that allow our customers to design smarter devices for a sustainable future.”

Prism 3 use cases span industries, with applications in appliances, retail, consumer electronics, residential applications, apparel, and industrial goods. Prism is rugged and flexible which enables manufacturers and fabricators to cut, shape and integrate with a wide variety of substrates. Its low power consumption reduces or eliminates the need for electrical outlets and enables alternative options such as batteries and renewable energy sources.

Prism 3 is part of E Ink’s segmented display product line. In this type of product, a drive line is mapped for each segment, enabling simple graphic or numerical displays. Unlike products requiring a thin film transistor (TFT), Prism 3 can be manufactured in any 2D shape, for example, a circle, triangle, or abstract shape, enhancing industrial designs.

E Ink’s display technology is ultra-low power because it is bistable. Paired with digital paper’s industry-leading energy efficiency, E Ink is enabling its partners to disrupt industries through sustainable technologies and has been integrated into everything from eReaders to cell phones to medical wearables to logistical tags and digital signage.

Caption: E Ink’s next-generation segmented display offers a sustainable display choice for product designers (photo: E Ink)

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